How To

The art of CoolBrewing

CoolBrew is as easy as OPEN – SQUEEZE – POUR.

Cold filtration is the art of cold-dripping or cold-brewing coffee to extract the most flavorful essence from freshly roasted coffee using absolutely no heat. This cold-drip process has been around in New Orleans for nearly 150 years but on a small scale until the launch of CoolBrew in 1989 with its CoolBrewing process.

New Orleans Coffee Company (makers of CoolBrew) created an innovative cold filtration process to produce a fresh, all natural, cold-dripped coffee concentrate on a much larger scale. The freshly roasted coffee is brewed very slowly using only cold water (as opposed to hot) which organically removes the acids usually found in hot brewed coffee. In the case of CoolBrewing, the acidity remains in the grounds as opposed to the finished product – the coffee concentrate!

The end result is a rich, smooth and delicious and most importantly less bitter tasting cup of coffee. CoolBrew’s essence is 100% all natural and contains no preservatives which is why it requires refrigeration.

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